2020 Wall Calendar Wallpaper – December 2019

See Olaf in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade!

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  1. Select your screen size: choose the image size closest to your screen resolution:  If you’re not sure, use this link to find out your screen size!
    • Please note, we have provided wallpapers in the most common sizes, but if you have a device with different dimensions, simply choose the closest match and then adjust your wallpaper settings with the image until you are satisfied with the result!  It will work like magic.
  2. Click on the size that fits your device.
  3. Download the appropriate file.
  4. Install on your device: the image will download to your device as any picture would, and you can proceed to install it as your wallpaper as you would with any other picture.  Need help?  Click on one of the following devices for a tutorial: Windows Mac iPad iPhone Android
  5. Enjoy!  (And don’t forget to check back each month for a new design!)

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  1. Now that i bought the 2020 calendar, i cant download the remaining month from my 2018-2019 calendar? How can i get back my access to that calendar?

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